The Erg Machine is a blog devoted to cross-country desert trucks and racing. We have a former Swedish army Scania SBA 111 that we prepared for crossing and survival in the open desert. The blog gets its name from the truck’s first voyage to the Grand Erg Oriental in the southwestern corner of Tunisia.

More recently we acquired a FIA T4 Rally Tatra 815-2 Dakar. This truck was formerly a rapid assistance vehicle for the official Honda motorcycle team in the original Paris-Dakar rally. We have participated in both the Breslau and Tuareg rallies providing service to private racing teams.

In our latest project, we converted the Tatra from a rapid assistance vehicle to a race truck in order to complete in offroad rallies. Our first rally was the 2013 El Chott Rallye de Tunisie, where we finished 2nd in the Truck Class. For more information, please see the Erg Racing Team page.

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