The Erg Racing Team


The Erg Racing Team is a private team competing in offroad rallies in the truck category (>7.5 tons). The team races a Tatra 815-VK former Paris-Dakar truck, FIA category T4 (competition class). The truck was for several years a rapid assistance vehicle for the official Honda motorcycle team in the original Dakar and last participated in the rally in 2005.

The team’s first racing season was in autumn 2013 following upgrades to the suspension, body and tire inflation system to improve the truck’s performance in competition. The team took 2nd place in the truck category in their first rally, the 2013 El Chott Sahara Rallye de Tunisie, known for the difficulty of the terrain as a training event for teams preparing a participation in The Dakar.

Regular updates and news about the team can be found on our blog in the Erg Racing category.

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