Introducing The Erg Racing Team

Regular readers of the blog may have noticed that we have a new URL,

For those wondering what this is all about, after two years of desert offroading and providing assistance for the Breslau and Tuareg rallies, we’ve decided to create the Erg Racing Team to compete in offroad rallies having a truck category (>3.5 tons).

Our Tatra 815-2 already has an FIA passport and was used in the Paris-Dakar for many years as a rapid assistance truck (T4 competition class) for the official Honda motorcycle team in the original version of the rally. We’re planning several upgrades to improve its performance in the race category. Among other improvements we’ll be overhauling the suspension and installing a central tire inflation system.

If everything goes according to schedule, our first racing season will be in the spring of 2013. We’ll be publishing an event calendar in the coming weeks.

We’ve created a dedicated page for the racing team and will use this blog both for racing and overland updates. All the related posts will be tagged Erg Racing and will be available under a new tab on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page header.

Follow ErgRacing on Twitter.

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