Rally Index

This page contains a list of the rallies we have participated in or attended, along with an index of relevant posts for each event.

Competition Rallies

El Chott Sahara Rallye de Tunisie, Oct 25-Nov 8 2013 ElChott2013IndexPhoto
2nd Place Trucks.

First Rally For Erg Racing
Ready For The El Chott Rallye 2013
El Chott 2013: Scrutineering
El Chott 2013: Waiting For The Ferry
Home From El Chott 2013
El Chott 2013: Tunis — Gafsa — Ksar Ghilane
El Chott 2013: Ksar Ghilane Stages 3-5
El Chott 2013: Ksar Ghilane — Douz
El Chott 2013: Douz — Ksar Ghilane
El Chott 2013: Ksar Ghilane Stages 8-9
El Chott 2013: Ksar Ghilane — Kebili
El Chott 2013: Kebili — Hammament

Rallies We Participated In On The Service Team

Breslau Rally, 20th Edition June 29-July 6 2013 Iveco
The Erg Racing Service truck provided support for the LM 4×4 Nissan Patrol V8.

Breslau Rally 2013 Here We Come
Breslau Rally 2013: Scrutineering
Breslau Rally 2013: Prolog
Breslau Rally 2013: Day 2, Night Stage
Breslau Rally 2013: Night Stage Results
Breslau Rally 2013: Day 3
Breslau Rally 2013: Day 4
Breslau Rally 2013: Day 5
Breslau Rally 2013: Day 6
Breslau Rally 2013: Day 7
Breslau Rally 2013: Day 8
Back From The 2013 Breslau Rally
Breslau Rally 2013: Team Photo Album
Breslau Rally 2013: Trucks Part 1
Breslau Rally 2013: Trucks Part 2
Breslau Rally 2013: Cars And Motorcycles

The Tuareg Rally March 18-26 2012Day4MANCP2
Drove the Man Kat assistance truck of ZZK Racing.

The Tuareg Rallye 2012: 3 Days Until Departure
How To Follow Us At The Tuareg Rallye 2012
South To Alméria
At The Port, Waiting For The Ferry
Photo Album: On The Way To The Tuareg Rallye 2012
Tuareg Rally, Day 1: South From Nador To Missor
Tuareg Rally, Day 2: Missor, Flat Tire And Dunes In Merzouga
News From Erfoud
Tuareg Rally, Day3: Hell’s Garden, Labyrinth And Dunes Around Merzouga
Tuareg Rally, Day4: Kingstage Over 200 Kilmeters Of Dunes
Tuareg Rally Day 4 Starting Line-Up (Video)
Tuareg Rally, Day 5: Dune Race, Repairs And A Ride In THe MAN Race Truck
Tuareg Rally, Day 6: Return To Missor
Delayed Posts From Tuareg Rally 2012
Tuareg Rally, Day 7: Service Teams In Exile
Tuareg Rally, Day 8: The Finish
2012 Tuareg Rally Photo Highlights
2012 Tuareg Rally Press: Action 4×4

Breslau Rally June 25 – July 2 2011Mercedes-519
The Tatra was part of the service for the French team Up To The End.

We’re At The Breslau Rally!
The Breslau Rally: Day 3
The Breslau Rally: Day 4
The Breslau Rally: Day 5
The Breslau Rally: Day 6, “Hannibal”
The Breslau Rally: Day 7
The Breslau Rally: Day 8, The Final Stage
The 2011 Breslau Rally On YouTube
Breslau Rally 2011 Results

Rallies we attended as spectators or invitees

24 Hours Offroad France 201224TTdFPaddock-2
We were invited to the paddock.

Photo Album: 24 Hours Offroad France


Africa Eco Race 2013TomecekAfricaEcoRace2013Stage2Post
We visited the bivouac at Tagounite and watched the start of Stage 3.

Africa Eco Race Tagounite
Morocco: On The Trail Of The Rally — Part 1
Morocco: On The Trail Of The Rally — Part 3 Merzouga To Tagounite
Morocco: On The Trail Of The Rally — Part 4 Africa Eco Race Tagounite, Trucks
Morocco: On The Trail Of The Rally — Part 5 Africa Eco Race Tagounite, Photo Highlights
Morocco: On The Trail Of The Rally — Part 6 Around Zagora

Heroes Legend 2012HereosLegendTatraBalai-5
We attended the Scutineering and Prolog.

Scrutineering At The Heroes Legend Rally
Heroes Legend Prolog
Photo Album: Heroes Legend 2012 Scrutineering
Photo Album: 2012 Heroes Legend Prolong

Africa Eco Race 2012Scania-404
We attended the Scrutineering.

Africa Eco Race 2012: Saint Cyprien

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