Breslau Rally 2013: Team Photo Album

This will be the first of three four posts of photo albums from the Breslau Rallye 2013.

Here are a few of the best photos of the team, in chronological order.

The Prolog at the Lausitzring (EuroSpeedway Lausitz) took place on the Motocross track. There was quite a bit of mud in some places and two good uphill climbs. The racers each completed eight laps of the course, which became increasingly difficult with each pass.:




Changing the rear axle after the shaft broke,



We didn’t get many pictures on Days 2 and 3 because of the liaison to Drawkso Pomorski and service needs. On Days 4, 5 and 6, we had a chance to accompany the press cars.

Despite having to abandon the stage because of transmission problems on Day 4, we got a few photos of Sylvain and Gaby during the first part of the stage. The water crossings were deeper than expected from the reconnaissance.



The Special Stage on Day 5 was long, but the water crossings were not as deep as the previous day’s and the team made an impressive come-back.





The organization decided to shorten the stage on Day 6 due to the difficulty of this year’s rally. The wet, rainy spring meant more mud and deeper water than had been planned. The change gave the racers a reprieve before the endurance test the following day.



We moved camp again on Day 7. For the racers, it was the longest day, with 11 “Hannibal” stages. We spent the day driving the service truck camp to Zagan, so aside from the photos we took at the station while Sylvain repaired the oil sump, we didn’t have a chance to take any pictures.

We didn’t get many photos on the last day. The Special was a bit shorter than on earlier days, but the teams were tired and still had to navigate quite a bit of mud and a water crossing.



Sylvain and Gaby’s makeshift repair of the tie rod knuckle just before the finish was the last of the excitement for the team. The race was over.


Later, we loaded the Patrol onto the trailer, packed up the assistance vehicles and began the slow 1,200km drive home. After we arrived, the guys had to weld a small piece on the broken knuckle before unloading the Patrol.


The next posts will be our photo albums of the trucks and cars.

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