Breslau Rally 2013, Day 8

The Breslau Rally 2013 is almost over. Just a little while ago the first of the cars and trucks began to arrive at the Finish.

The Starting Line was in the town of Zagan today. Quite a crowd came out to watch the parade of motorcycles, quads, SSVs, cars and trucks.

The “Gigglepin” Defender of James Marsden and Chris Abel at the Start,


The Svoboda Tatra,


The last Special Stages of the rally took place in the woods around the town.

A Dutch Landrover overturned, but no one was hurt.


The favorites to win in the car category, Bretons Cedric Porcher and Damien Kermorvant.


The Svoboda Tatra made a big splash.



Sylvain and Gaby at the same crossing.



They arrived a little while ago. Their tie rod kuckle broke just 200m from the end of the Special, and they had to do a makeshift repair to reach the Finish Line.

Same day Update: Here’s a photo of the jerry-rigged knuckle.



As the last of the racers continue arriving, we’ve started packing up to leave. We have over 1000 km ahead of us since we have to unload part of the team before returning home ourselves. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to stay for the winner’s party this evening. We’ll be driving through the night taking turns at the wheel. We’ll post more news when we get back.

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