Our Trucks

This page is devoted to specs of our cross-country and support trucks: Tatra 815-2, Scania SBA 111, and Iveco EuroCargo 80E15.

Tatra 815-2

Model: Tatra, 815-2 Dakar FIA homologation category T4 (truck >3.5 T cross country racing)
Dry weight: 9’500 kg
Maxmimum allowed weight: 19’000 kg
Length: 7.0m, Width: 2.5m, Height: 3.2m
Engine: Tatra T3A 930-54, 12 cylinders in 90°V twin turbos, 19.004 liters displacement, 2 Engine starters

Transmission: Tatra 10TS
Permanent 4×4
10 Gear
Transfer case selectable on low gear, high gear
Differential lock rear/front/central

Independent wheels
Torsion rods (front)
Air suspension (rear)
2x Sachs shock absorber per wheel (total of 8 shocks)

Top speed: 155 Km/h
Main fuel tank: 1000 liters (4×250)
Tires: Michelin XZL 14.00 R20
Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) with military half shaft
Roll cage in cabin
3 Sparco competition seats and harness
Stilo intercom
24/220V Power converter
Auxiliary lights (4 units mounted)
Terra trip 303+

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Scania SBA 111 (TGB 30)

Scania SBA 111 Bois Noir

Model: Scania, SBA 111A 134
Engine: Scania D11LBOJ 220 hp, 6 cylinders in line, 11.02 liters displacement
Dry weight: 8’820 kg
Maxmimum allowed weight (offroad conditions): 13’400 kg
Length: 6.75m, Width: 2.49m, Height: 2.89m

Transmission: Scania GA763
4×2, 4×4 selectable on low gear, high gear
Differential lock rear/front
Hydraulic winch on PTO (60m cable length)

Main fuel tank: 167 liters
Personnel Crew Cabin (Shelter): 500 kg

Special Preparations
Tires: Michelin XZL 14.00 R20
Auxiliary fuel tank: Afhymat 630 liter Aluminum mounted in rear truck bed
24/220V Power converter
LED auxiliary lights (2 units mounted on cabin roof)
On-board computer and GPS: Panasonic ToughBook
45 liter refrigerator: SV (Freeways Lattitude)

Equipment & Services Suppliers (useful links)
The following businesses took the time to provide excellent customer service and advice.

ZZ Kustom: General maintenance, assistance and expert advice.
Echandens Scania Suisse SA: Spare parts, valve clearance adjustment and general truck mechanical advice.
Afhymat: Auxiliary Fuel tank. They made a special effort to arrange an express delivery.
Euromaster (Vehicule Industriel) Chalon sur Saone: Tires. They made an effort to meet the delivery schedule by ordering tires from Germany when delivery was delayed by the French supplier.

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Iveco Eurocargo 80E15


Engine: Iveco 8060-25R, 6 cylinder 5900 cm3 5.9 litres
Power: 150 HP
Dry weight: 4’740 Kg
Maximum allowed weight: 8’000Kg
Maximum allowed weight with trailer: 11’500 Kg
Length: 5.85m, Width: 2.25m, Height: 3.12m

5 Gears
Rear-wheel drive
Rear differential lock

Leaf spring rear/front

Double cabin: 7 places, 3 doors
Fuel Tank: 90L
Box Body
Tires: 9.5 R17.5

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