Breslau Rally 2013, Day 6

Today was our last day with the press cars. Tomorrow we drive the 200km liaison to Zagan, where we will set up the final camp.

The day started out hot and humid. Then we had a rain shower and the weather turned much cooler.

The special was 150km long. Here are a few pictures from the start.

In case you don’t recognize it from yesterday’s photo when it was covered in mud, the bright red Mud Racer of Cedric Porcher and Damien Kermorvant, currently 2nd overall in the cars.


The Svoboda Tatra Team was the fastest among all the cars and trucks yesterday, so they were the first to start today. Here they are at the start,



and later at a water crossing near the end of the stage.


We got a few photos of Sylvain and Gaby too.



Today we took lots of photos and some video with the camera. We’ll try to transfer everything onto the Mac and post it as soon as possible after we get back next week. There are already some excellent photos of the team in this Gallery from Didier on the Breslau Rallye website and from the Dutch Rally Press here.

At the end of the day, the Svoboda Team finished 2nd of the trucks (>7.5t), 7 minutes behind the IFA of Harald Chemnitz and Philipp Beier, and is in 4th place overall. Cedric Porcher and Damien Kermorvant finished 3rd of the cars, and Sylvain and Gaby finished in 8th position for the day. They got back to camp around 3pm, and the maintenance crew took over.

Today’s list of service and repairs:

  • Control power train (daily maintenance)
  • Break pad change (every 2 days)
  • Change the start engine
  • Change the winch engine
  • Re-intitialization of the ECU and it’s display (configurable display of settings from the engine sensors)
  • Change the transmission fluid
  • Change the 2 rear shocks

We started packing the truck a little while ago. Tomorrow is the Hannibal stage: 200km of liaison and 250km of timed special stage. We’re planning to break camp and set off for Zagan around 8:00am.

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