The Breslau Rally: Day 3

Waking up to warm sunshine at the camp near Recz, Poland for Day 3 of the Breslau Rally.


Yesterday was a long day for the team. The service vehicles had to break camp at 7:30, and with over 400 km to drive to the next camp, it wasn’t practical to try to watch the specials.

We left Breslau at 7:00 am and arrived at the second camp near Recz at 4:15 pm (we stopped for lunch) to set up and wait for the others.

The motorcycles started to arrive around 7:00 pm, and the cars a little later. Our Jeeps made it to the camp around 10:30 pm, but the Unimog didn’t arrive until 1:00 am. They had placed it in the Semi for transport after the Specials to save wear on the suspension, and the route was slow going with such a large vehicle given the state of the roads.

We went to sleep around 1:30am, but we heard that the last participants arrived at the camp around 3:00 am.

On Saturday The Flying Dutchman lost control of their AK19XX series truck in a tight turn, and it tipped over. Luckily the crew only had a few cuts and bruises. The truck came out fairly well too as you can see below. Yesterday when we left Breslau, they were waiting for a new windshield so they could continue the race. We haven’t seen them here at the camp so far. I hope they made it.


This morning the organization changed the order of the Specials since yesterday was such a grueling step. No one has had a lot of time to sleep or make repairs on the vehicles. Today will be a shorter leg, and tomorrow and Wednesday will be somewhat longer. We’ll stay here at the camp until Thursday, which will be the Marathon Leg. They call it “Hannibal” because the participants will race over 360 km in a single day.

Because of the change in the program, we’re not sure if we’ll be able to watch any of the Specials today. We’re going to give it a try though.

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