News From Erfoud

It’s now Day 6 of the Tuareg Rallye, and we’re on the way back to Missor from Merzouga on the service route. We got as far north as Erfoud when Edouard got a call from Stéphane and Caro. They need assistance in the dunes, so he and Pascal have headed back in the JK Rubicon, while we wait here and change a worn tire on the trailer.

Across the street is the Hotel Riad Salam, which has a nice lobby where we can try to catch up with some posts and photos. We’ve gotten behind because of the slow Internet connection in Merzouga, which simply dies when 400 people all try to upload photos and video, send emails and instant messages from the hotel at the same time.

The connection at the hotel here is much faster. With luck, we’ll get a post or two published before we’re on the way again, but it will be a full day since we have over 350 km yet ahead of us to reach Missor. Once there, we won’t be able to stay long, since the service team must leave by 3 am for Nador to catch the ferry, which leaves at noon on Sunday. We’ll stay as long as needed to service the cars, but we may not have time to post much via Internet at the hotel. There’s no Wifi on the ferry, so we probably won’t be able to post again before we reach Mojácar, Spain.

Check our Spot location and the Twitter feed for the latest messages.

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