Home From El Chott 2013

IMG_3957 arrivee

Photo by Andreas Wulf and Anja Bork

The ferry from Tunis arrived yesterday afternoon in Genova, and we got in around 2 am after driving the 800 km home. We were pleased to receive an unexpected 2nd place in the truck category, after encountering and overcoming a number of problems in our first-ever rally, without any assistance except from the rally organization.

During the 2nd stage, our iPhone was broken when it few out of the pocket behind the navigator’s seat when we went over a hard bump. The screen was cracked and some windshield cleaner spilled on it causing a short-circuit. It’s been dead ever since, so there was no way to post news here or on Twitter during the event.

The El Chott Rallye was difficult, but it was a fantastic experience, so although we’re tired, we’re also happy and already starting to think about 2014. We’ve spent the day unpacking and doing some cleaning and maintenance on the Tatra, but we’re going through our photos and video and should have more information up soon.

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