El Chott 2013: Waiting For The Ferry


The rally vehicles are waiting at the port. The Tombouctou Classic Rallye is leaving on the same ferry with us. There are a number of beautiful cars parked near us in line, like the Rothman Porsche 911 RS and a rare 1981 Jeep J10 pickup.

Apparently the boat will arrive an hour later than scheduled. We’ve completed most of the formalities and loaded our boxes onto the assistance truck for local transport in Tunisia. Now we just have a long wait for boarding to begin.

After we arrive in Tunis tomorrow, we’ll drive almost 400 km of liaison to Gafsa. We’ll check in from Tunisia as soon as we can.

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El Chott 2013: Scrutineering

We had light rain for most of the afternoon, but we didn’t have long to wait when we arrived at the aptly named Rallye Hotel for the scrutineering.


We had time for a real Italian pizza and a restful afternoon.

Tomorrow we leave for the port of Genova and the ferry to Tunis.

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Ready For The El Chott Rallye 2013

We’ve been busy making final preparations for the El Chott Rallye over the past few weeks. Finally it’s time for us to leave for the scrutineering in Voghera, Italy. We’ll be heading out early on Friday morning.

Erg Racing Tatra N2

The best way to follow us during the rally will be from our homepage here, where we’ll try to post regular updates whenever time and network coverage permit. We’ll also be posting on Facebook when possible, although Twitter may be the most reliable because we don’t need data roaming, we can post via SMS whenever we have cell coverage. We’ve updated the Twitter sidebar on the right so you can access the latest messages right from here.

The El Chott Rallye website will also have regular updates, so dont forget to check there for pictures and video. They also have a satellite tracker that will be active starting on Sunday, October 27 for all participants. Our truck number is 508.

Thanks again to all those who helped make it possible for us to participate in the rally this year, especially our sponsors including ZZ Kustom, Euro4x4parts, Fox and Randoequipement.

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