Photo Album: Heroes Legend 2012 Scruntineering

Last Friday we were in Montauban where the administrative, medical and technical controls were taking place before the start of the 2012 Heroes Legend Rally.

There is no truck category for competitors in this rally-raid, but of course there were a number of rally trucks being used by the organization.

Tomáš Tomeček was there with his Tatra 815 6×6 assistance truck. The philosophy of the Heroes Legend Rally is to make sure all the participants arrive in Dakar. Tomáš will be providing the “camion balai,” following the same route as the competitors to pick up any vehicles that break down or are stranded along the way.

Our truck has the same rear pneumatic suspension.

There are about forty motorcycles and cars participating in the rally this year.

Mark Kinkhamer and Peter Van Der Vliet of the Desert Daltons team built a special buggy for the race, the DK Buggy Warrior.

From their rally experience as motorocycle pilots, they’re familiar with navigating using a road book for motorcycles, so they mounted the same system in the cockpit of the buggy. The navigator uses the hand controls to scroll through the directions and both the pilot and navigator can see the display in the center of the dashboard.

Once the scrutineering was completed and the onboard IriTrack and GPS installed, the organization verified each vehicle to make sure the connections were working properly.

Well-wishes from family, friends and supporters.

At the end of the day, the mandatory briefing for all the pilots took almost two hours and was followed by a generous buffet dinner. Most of the contests left early to get a good night’s sleep before the next day’s 8:30am departure for the prolog.

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