Photo Album: 2012 Heroes Legend Prolog

The Prolog of the Heroes Legend was held on a dirt track near Birac, a few kilometers north of the city. Participants set off from the closed park in Montauban around 8:30am on Saturday, September 29th.

The warm-up lap was opened by a Dakar T4 Tatra 6×6,

followed by the bikes and then the cars.

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Photo Album: Heroes Legend 2012 Scruntineering

Last Friday we were in Montauban where the administrative, medical and technical controls were taking place before the start of the 2012 Heroes Legend Rally.

There is no truck category for competitors in this rally-raid, but of course there were a number of rally trucks being used by the organization.

Tomáš Tomeček was there with his Tatra 815 6×6 assistance truck. The philosophy of the Heroes Legend Rally is to make sure all the participants arrive in Dakar. Tomáš will be providing the “camion balai,” following the same route as the competitors to pick up any vehicles that break down or are stranded along the way.

Our truck has the same rear pneumatic suspension.

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Heroes Legend Prolog

The prolog of the Heroes Legend Rally took place this morning under cloudy skies at Birac, a few kilometers northeast of Montauban.

The liaison stage to Almería is now underway. Participants will take the ferry to Nador tomorrow, and the stage in Morocco begins on Monday.


We had a wonderful time, but unfortunately we’re not taking part so our time with the rally is over now. We should be home on Sunday though, and we have some surprise footage in store. Posts coming as soon as we get the material transferred from the camera and edited for publication.


Scrutineering At The Heroes Legend Rally

We’re in Montauban today where participants are arriving for the Heroes Legend Paris-Dakar Rally.


We’ll stay around to watch the Prolog tomorrow. More pictures when we get home.