Breslau Rally 2011 Results

We’ve had a hard time getting back to the blog following our return from Dresden. It was so much easier to find time to post when we were there, even though we were posting from an iPhone!

It’s been a few weeks too since the final standings for the Breslau Rally were published on the official website.

Since most of our readers will probably be interested in the Trucks Category, we’ll start with some of our pictures of the winners in that category:

1st Place: Harald Chemnitz and Philipp Beier (501: IFA-L60)

2nd Place: Leon de Wit Leon, Andre Breed and Pieter Volkers (519: Mercedes Benz-SK)

3rd Place: Robert Striebe Robert and Josefine Unger-Bachmann (517: Man-Kat1)

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures of Striebe and Unger-Bachmann.

From team Up To The End,

Sebastien Poncent and Tony Daudet placed 5th with the Unimog (417) in the <7.5 ton Truck Category.

Pierry Adouch and Luc Burdino placed 24th with their Jeep JK (266) in the Car Category.

Xavier Sorinano and Emmanuel Gauthier were 30th with their Jeep TJ (263).

Philippe Gilles and Jean-Marc Olive (264: Jeep JK) came in 36th.

Bernard Cionini and Michel Molimard placed 37th with their Jeep JK (268).

We should have some more pictures up soon, as well as some news on what we’ve been up to for the past few weeks. Welcome to everyone visiting from Unimog-Mania! We have some posts on the way for you soon too.

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