Unloading the Personnel Cabin

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Not Your Grandparents’ Camper

During the winter we also located and acquired a personnel cabin, which had not been fitted onto our truck, and organized the shipping from Sweden.

The cabin will be bolted onto the truck bed and the two benches inside removed to make space for a sleeping and storage area.

Originally published on Tumblr.

Initial inspection and minor repairs

We acquired the Erg Machine before Christmas from a civilian in Beaujolais who had imported it from Sweden.

During the Winter we performed a general cleaning and inventory of equipment in the material boxes, metal cases fixed to the truck bed that can be used for storing all-purpose equipment and tools. Inside two of the boxes we found four snow chains, one for each tire, weighing about 35 kg each!

We also carried out some minor repairs to the interlock valve and headlights, as well as replacing a few worn out parts, such as the exhaust pipe. Two of the material boxes, the ones located just in front of the rear wheels on each side of the truck, were completely eaten away by rust. We removed them and ordered new ones.

Originally published on Tumblr.

Introducing the Erg Machine

The Erg Machine is a former Swedish army Scania SBA 111 that has been prepared for crossing and survival in the open desert.

It has a 6-cylinder 220 horse power Scania engine, with 11.02 litre engine displacement. Top speed is 90 km/hour.

The SBA 111 is a non-permanent 4×4 with locking transfer case and locking differentials on both axles. SBA stands for Special Bulldog Allwheeldrive. The truck is considered one of the highest performance 4×4 trucks used by the Swedish army.

All of the Erg Machine’s equipment is original. A personnel cabin has been fitted onto the bed. It was intended to transport up to 10 soldiers, but the original benches have been removed and a sleeping area created.

Originally published on Tumblr.