Introducing the Erg Machine

The Erg Machine is a former Swedish army Scania SBA 111 that has been prepared for crossing and survival in the open desert.

It has a 6-cylinder 220 horse power Scania engine, with 11.02 litre engine displacement. Top speed is 90 km/hour.

The SBA 111 is a non-permanent 4×4 with locking transfer case and locking differentials on both axles. SBA stands for Special Bulldog Allwheeldrive. The truck is considered one of the highest performance 4×4 trucks used by the Swedish army.

All of the Erg Machine’s equipment is original. A personnel cabin has been fitted onto the bed. It was intended to transport up to 10 soldiers, but the original benches have been removed and a sleeping area created.

Originally published on Tumblr.