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It’s been just over a week since we returned from Tunisia. What a fantastic trip it was!

A few people expressed disappointment that we weren’t able to update the Tumblr during the trip. To be honest, it was ambitious to even hope for that. Surprisingly we had mobile data access in most cities and camps, including the oasis paradise of Ksar Ghilane, but in between the only link with the outside world would have been by communication satellites. Even so, there simply wasn’t time to do more than send a few Twitter updates while on the ground.

We arrived home on Monday, having spent a few extra days vacation elsewhere in Europe, and started transferring photos to the computer on Tuesday. There are going to be some changes, but the blog should resume next week, with news from the trip, as well as a description of the gear box LED monitoring device that was discussed on the Terrangbil forum after someone found our as yet undocumented YouTube video.

As usual, for up to the minute news, follow us on Twitter.

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