The Tatra is Back!

We’re just back from Kopřivnice with the Tatra (Erg Machine RS). The maintenance and painting are finished, and we picked it up at the factory on Monday. It was a 15-hour drive back, but this time the heater was working, so it was not as brutal as when we drove there in November!

The Tatra 815 (Erg Machine RS) at the Tatra Factory in Kopřivnice

The engineers did a thorough job, and the truck is almost like new, especially with the completely new paint design. We were impressed with the attention to detail the truck received, which included changing the Clearance/Marker lights for a more aesthetic look.

The director of the service workshop requesting replacement of the clearance/marker lights


A TERRN°1 undergoing maintenance in the adjacent bay


Outside with the Director of Services for Asia, Pacific, India & Africa (center) and the Director of the Service Workshop (right)

We also had a very nice surprise on the trip back: a chance meeting with Tomáš Tomeček, pilot of the Tatra 815 T20R45 for the Letka Racing “Livescore” Team and winner of this year’s Africa Eco Race! We met him at a rest area near Karlsruhe in Germany where we had stopped to take a break. He was on his way to Marseille to pick up the trucks being shipped back from the race.

It was a real pleasure to meet him, and we’re more enthusiastic than ever to finish preparing the truck for some cross-country adventures.

In the meantime, we’ll be posting more about Tunisia over the coming days.

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