The Little Big Ones

Last month we spent a weekend in Salives near Dijon in Burgundy at Les P’tits Gros, an annual meeting of serious fans of offroad traveling. The meeting is organized by the founder of the Bernard Debucquoi Forum, an online forum for French-speakers interested in offroad travel in four-wheel drive vehicles and light trucks.

Around 100 vehicles participated in the weekend, of which about 30 were trucks.

It was a great opportunity to meet and exchange experiences, as well as spend some time driving on the offroad site.

For those without much experience or those who wanted to test the limits of their vehicles, it was an ideal situation, with so many experienced drivers and vehicles close by to lend a hand in case of trouble.

The TGB 30 is well-adapted for this kind of driving. Ours was the only vehicle to pass the optional part of the trial on Saturday, so we were declared the winner of the friendly competition.

We took a few pictures during the weekend,

Unfortunately, we didn’t get many pictures or videos of the trials, but thanks to Totof59, here’s a bonus YouTube video of the Scania during a part of it.