To Kopřivnice

We’ve been busy over the past few weeks putting together a bill of materials for everything we’ll need for our first rally next spring. Most of that behind-the-scenes activity consists of making a list, pouring over catalogs, and reading specs and reviews. Lots of work goes into making sure we make a choice that will best fit our budget and needs.

Things were a little more exciting last weekend. On Saturday, we left for Kopřivnice, where the truck will spend the winter while the suspension is reworked and the central tire inflation system installed. The work should be finished in early February, giving us time to make a few test drives to make sure everything is ok and get used to the new equipment.

We’ll post updates from time to time as we have news about progress.

One Response to To Kopřivnice

  1. richfinck says:

    Beautiful truck. Wishing you success.

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