Our Tatra Is In Pieces!

As we continue preparing for our first rally, the preparation of our Tatra is advancing too. The main modification is the installation of the Central Tire Inflation Sysyem (CTIS). The air supply to the tires will pass inside the axles, which must be removed so that a shaft can be bored. To remove the axles, the truck has literally been taken apart.

It doesn’t sound as impressive on paper as it looks in the pictures. This is a big job!






While everything is dismantled, it’s a good time for a complete checkover, cleaning and painting.


These photos are enough to make our hearts flutter, but it’s comforting to know our Tatra is in good hands.
Of course, we’re looking forward to when it will all be put back together again and we can try it out.

We’ll be posting more news over the coming weeks.