Let The Light Shine

Things seem quiet in the winter, but a lot more is going on behind the scenes than meets the eye.

The Tatra is still in pieces, but meanwhile the renovation of the Iveco Eurocargo is moving along slowly but surely. Last weekend we installed the electricity for the power tools and the interior and exterior lighting and took some photos of the new stowage rack and outside doors for rapid access to the stowed material.


We have enough room for sixteen trunks in the rack!


When we had finished the installation, we tried out the lighting on the first assistance for mobilette (moped) 47. It’s brighter than it looks in the photo, and we have enough spots that we’ll be able to light areas to work outside on three sides of the truck.


Now for a little coat of paint, some cleaning up and service and the Erg Racing service truck will be almost ready to go.

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