Breslau Rally 2013: Cars and Motorcycles

This is the fourth and final of our posts of photo albums from the Breslau Rally 2013.

In this last post of photos from the 2013 Breslau Rally, we’ve selected some of our favorites from throughout the race.

Gilles Girousse and Max Delfino in their yellow Mercedes G during the Prolog:


The Mercedes 300 GD of Peter Serra and Olivier Martin:


Bretons Cedric Porcher and Damien Kermorvant, who finished the rally in second place with their Toyota Mudracer:


We didn’t get pictures every day because of the liaisons and and other service needs, but we had a front seat for the action on Days 4, 5 and 6 as we were able to ride along in one of the press cars.

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