Breslau Rally 2013, Day 3

Today was a tough stage, in terms of terrain and in terms of navigation, but Sylvain and Gaby passed all the checkpoints. At one point, at a water crossing, the water was so deep that Gaby had to swim across to assess the best way to cross.

They arrived back in camp around 6pm, and the mechanics got to work soon after.

Bivouac Day 3 -3

There were a number of repairs to make, but first they had to find them.

Bivouac Day 3 -1


As usual, mud is a problem. In addition to the break pads, it had clogged up around the starter, which needed to be cleaned out. Water had seeped into the air filter as well as the fuel pressure regulator. This resulted in a number of problems and caused some electrical issues, all of which need to be corrected. The mounts for the shock absorbers on the rear were damaged, and need to be replaced. Finally, the rear window was broken out and the opening needs to be covered up.

BIvouac Day 3 -2

The mechanics still have a few hours of work to go, but everything should be ready in the morning. Tomorrow’s special is 205 km, and should be fast although there is another big water crossing. The Orga says it is too deep for the motorcycles and quads, but due to all the recent rain, it may also be too deep for the cars and trucks.

We’re still waiting for the results of today’s stage.

Breslau Rally 2013: Night Stage Results

A quick update from Drawsko Pomorskie with results of the night stage “Into The Dark”.

After starting in 15th position at 10:30pm, Sylvain and Gaby arrived at the finish at 00:30am, just behind the Defender of Team Gigglepin (James Marsden and Chris Abel), winner of the Prolog.

Leaderboard Sylvain

In the truck category, it was close, but the Svoboda Tatra team was the fastest during the night.

Leaderboard Trucks

The main challenge of “Into The Dark” was navigation, although there were a few tricky spots and a bit of mud.

Having been the fastest car on the night stage, Sylvain and Gaby are the overall leaders after the night stage and are starting now in the first position for stage 3, a special of 160km that begins about 6 km from the bivouac.

Now we wait for their return to the camp.


Breslau Rally 2013: Day 2, Night Stage

Following a short special this morning, we broke camp around 10:30am for the long drive to Drawsko Pomorskie, almost 500 km away.

We arrived around 7:30pm, with just enough time to set up camp, eat dinner and attend the briefing before the start of the night stage, which will be around 65 km long.

The iPhone photos are a bit grainy, but here are some of the best ones taken just a few hours ago.

Sylvain and Gaby get ready to head out,



Gilles Girousse,


The Svoboda Tatra,


Pierre and Corinne Malquion,



Breslau Rally 2013: Prolog

The Rallye started today with the Prolog at the Lausitzring (EuroSpeedway Lausitz). With all the recent rain, the track was slippery and the vehicles were quickly covered with mud.

We took some photos of the action, but we won’t be able to transfer them from the camera until we get home. The few pictures we took using the iPhone came out looking like double-exposures. The sky was so dark and the vehicles were moving so fast that the automatically calculated exposure times were too long.

Update July 1, 2013: This artifact seems to come from the HDR, we’ve turned it off for these types of shots.


Here are our guys, Sylvain and Gaby, in their Nissan Patrol V8 (car on the right),


Starting order for tomorrow’s special was determined by the results of the Prolog. They finished in 15th place, in part because the rear axle shaft broke during the race. They weren’t sure what had happened until the mechanics got to work once they’d returned to the bivouac after the Prolog.





We didn’t have a spare axle shaft, but fortunately, we brought a spare axle, so the mechanics were able to replace it during the afternoon.


However, the replacement axle is a different one, so the gear ratio is not the same as the front axle and the differential needs to be changed as well. The mechanics still have a few hours of work to do before the car is ready to go again.

Tomorrow is a liaison day as we go to the next camp in Poland. We’ll take the car on the trailer because tomorrow’s special is a night stage and doesn’t start until 10pm.

Breslau Rally 2013: Scrutineering

We arrived at the Breslau Rally bivouac around 3:00 am, so we took the liberty of sleeping in this morning. We’ll undoubtedly need the rest to get through the coming days.

We spent the day setting up camp, taking care of all the registration details and passing the technical control.



In between, we had had a chance to snap a few pictures of some of the trucks that will be competing in the race.



The Prolog starts tomorrow.

Breslau Rally 2013 Here We Come

We got off to an early start this morning to cover the 1,000 km to the start of the Breslau Rallye north of Dresden.

The Erg Racing Service truck is looking sharp loaded with about 3.5 tons of material, including the trailer and race car.


And that’s not all, some additional spare parts are being carried on a second trailer attached to a Toyota 4×4 sedan.

We had a few problems with the trailers, so we haven’t made good time. We still have about 200 km to go before we arrive at the bivouac. It looks like we’ll get there sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

Tomorrow the team will be completing registration and resting up for the Prolog on Saturday.

Erg Racing Service Truck Ready For Its First Rally

It will be a few more weeks before we make any official announcement, but we’re still working on preparations to compete in our first rally with the Tatra this fall.

In the meantime, we spent last weekend getting the Erg Racing service truck ready for its own debut providing support for the LM 4×4 Nissan Patrol in the 20th Breslau Rallye in Poland at the end of the week.

Most of the important modifications were made in February, so the work was mostly cosmetic and for comfort.

We did a little sanding to remove a few spots of rust from the cab and then repainted.


The masking took almost as much time as the painting did,



The paint on the cab was still in good condition, so to save time, we didn’t repaint everything, just the area we had sanded and the cargo.



The new multi-colored look fits in with the colors of our two other trucks, and once it’s covered with stickers the color difference won’t matter anyway.

Once the paint was dry, we bolted the tent on the roof rack,


and applied our own logo and web address.



We’ll be leaving out tomorrow to pick up the rest of the team and then heading off for Breslau. We’ll try to post regular updates about the race over the course of the week.

Breslau Rally 2011 Results

We’ve had a hard time getting back to the blog following our return from Dresden. It was so much easier to find time to post when we were there, even though we were posting from an iPhone!

It’s been a few weeks too since the final standings for the Breslau Rally were published on the official website.

Since most of our readers will probably be interested in the Trucks Category, we’ll start with some of our pictures of the winners in that category:

1st Place: Harald Chemnitz and Philipp Beier (501: IFA-L60)

2nd Place: Leon de Wit Leon, Andre Breed and Pieter Volkers (519: Mercedes Benz-SK)

3rd Place: Robert Striebe Robert and Josefine Unger-Bachmann (517: Man-Kat1)

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures of Striebe and Unger-Bachmann.

From team Up To The End,

Sebastien Poncent and Tony Daudet placed 5th with the Unimog (417) in the <7.5 ton Truck Category.

Pierry Adouch and Luc Burdino placed 24th with their Jeep JK (266) in the Car Category.

Xavier Sorinano and Emmanuel Gauthier were 30th with their Jeep TJ (263).

Philippe Gilles and Jean-Marc Olive (264: Jeep JK) came in 36th.

Bernard Cionini and Michel Molimard placed 37th with their Jeep JK (268).

We should have some more pictures up soon, as well as some news on what we’ve been up to for the past few weeks. Welcome to everyone visiting from Unimog-Mania! We have some posts on the way for you soon too.

The 2011 Breslau Rally on YouTube

We just got home from the Rally this evening. It will take a few days to get our photos and videos online.

In the meantime, check out RallyeBreslau’s Breslau 2011 Playlist on Youtube for a great video summary of the race. Our Internet access wasn’t good enough to watch these during the rally, and we haven’t watched them thoroughly yet, but we did find a few clips of our team.

Sebastian Poncet (Unimog pilot) and Xavier Soriano (Jeep pilot) from our team were interviewed on Wednesday evening after Stage 4. The interview is at timecode 1:42 in the video below:

You can also see a short sequence of the Unimog around timecode 4:20 in the June 24th video of the Base Camp. Our cameo is at timecode 4:30:

The Breslau Rally: Day 8, The Final Stage

We woke on Saturday to a damp, cold and windy morning for the final Stage of the Rally. All the Specials were held near the camp, and the Start would be on the same circuit that had been prepared for the Finish of Stage 6.


The teams were to drive the course in the opposite direction before going to a second Special in a quarry, followed by a parade on the Dresden bridge. One of the drivers made an error while maneuvering at a Check Point and ran into a table, hitting one of the rally staff. After the accident the organization decided to cancel the Special in the quarry, so the rally ended on a disappointing note.

It started to rain around mid-afternoon when the teams arrived back at the campsite after finishing the race. They set immediately to work loading the cars in the trailers for transport home, barely stopping to savor the feeling of satisfaction at having completed the race. The cancellation, along with the cold and the rain, made the occasion seem dreary, when it should have been a time for celebration. Good preparation, determination and team work had been needed to reach the Finish; many of the other vehicles had been damaged along the way and had dropped out.


As we packed up the truck under the rain, we were wistful: sad that the 2011 Breslau Rally was over, but ready to go home. Evening brought a buffet dinner for everyone under the shelter of a large tent. There was live music and lots of beer: finally, the celebration of everyone’s achievement as the rankings were announced. No one from our team won any trophies, but everyone had made it to the Finish Line, the most rewarding prize of all.

The 2011 Breslau was our first rally experience, and it was fantastic! We met some wonderful people during the rally and made many new friends. We hope to see them all next year if we’re able to participate again, either as part of a service team or perhaps as competitors ourselves.