Sneak Peek: ZZK Racing Protruck Weekend Test

Stéphane and Caroline took their Protruck for a test drive this weekend to make sure everything had been correctly tuned and make final adjustments before the Rally. We had a chance to go along and take a few pictures.

The Protruck was previously sponsored by Chevrolet and has a Corvette LS2 350 HP (limited by airflow intake restrictions) 6 Liter V8 engine, with an Aluminum engine block and forged pistons. Unlike the Trophy Truck, the Protruck has a front center motor. Empty, it has a mass of 1.4 tons, 2 tons filled up and with crew. Fuel consumption is 55 liters average and around 85 liters in the sand. The truck has two fuel tanks that together hold 560 liters of fuel.

Analysing the results of the TerraTrip calibration to calculate the correction factor:

A few action photos on a sharp turn:

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