Video: Protruck Weekend Test Drive

We’ve put together some video clips for ZZK Racing from this weekend’s Protruck test drive.

Sneak Peek: ZZK Racing Protruck Weekend Test

Stéphane and Caroline took their Protruck for a test drive this weekend to make sure everything had been correctly tuned and make final adjustments before the Rally. We had a chance to go along and take a few pictures.

The Protruck was previously sponsored by Chevrolet and has a Corvette LS2 350 HP (limited by airflow intake restrictions) 6 Liter V8 engine, with an Aluminum engine block and forged pistons. Unlike the Trophy Truck, the Protruck has a front center motor. Empty, it has a mass of 1.4 tons, 2 tons filled up and with crew. Fuel consumption is 55 liters average and around 85 liters in the sand. The truck has two fuel tanks that together hold 560 liters of fuel.

Analysing the results of the TerraTrip calibration to calculate the correction factor:

A few action photos on a sharp turn:

The Tuareg Rallye 2012: 3 Days Until Departure

Only 3 days until we leave for the Tuareg Rallye, a private race in Morocco for offroad 4×4 cars and motorcycles. The rally takes place over 8 days from March 18-26 and covers 2,230 km of Special Stages consisting of mixed terrain, dirt tracks and dunes. Starting in Nador and arriving in camp at Merzouga on Day 2, Days 3, 4 and 5 consist of Specials that will take place around Merzouga before the race heads back to Nador on Day 6. Following the ferry back to Spain on Day 7, the rally finishes in Mojácar on Day 8.

We’ll be part of the support team for ZZK Racing, a new Swiss racing team sponsored by ZZ Kustom, specialist in Jeep and 4×4 preparation and offroad competitions.

The team has entered five cars in the rally, the Chevrolet Pro Truck of Stéphane and Caroline, the Bowler Tomcat driven by Florian and his co-pilot Yvan, the Mitsubishi Pajero II Evo of Sylvain and Cécile, and two Nissan patrols, driven by Raoul and Pascal.

We’ll be behind the wheel of the MAN KAT (5T Mil GL) assistance truck. Olivier and Philippe will provide mechanical support and assistance, aided by Christophe who is going to make it a point to keep the Pro Truck’s windshield squeaky clean.

We leave Switzerland on Friday morning for the long drive to Almeria, where we’ll catch one of two ferries arranged by the organizers to Morocco. The JK Rubicon is pulling the trailer for the Pro Truck and we’ll be joined by several other vehicles during the trip south since we’ll be meeting the French part of the team on route somewhere south of Bordeaux.