The Erg Racing Service Truck

The warm sunny skies of Morocco seem far away from the frozen scene outside the window. Last weekend, we went to pick up the new Erg Racing service truck in Châteauroux, braving the worst winter storm in France so far this year.

We were stuck for almost five hours on the Route Centre Europe Atlantique N79 between Mâcon and Moulins because of freezing rain. There was about a centimeter of ice on the roadway, and two trucks had jack-knifed several cars in front of us. With a third accident behind, we were trapped on the divided highway since there was no way to get out except to wait for the emergency responders to clear the scene. We spent almost as much time stopped on the road as we did driving.

We got to Châteauroux at a quarter to six in the morning and had time to sleep for about an hour before our rendezvous to pick up the truck.

It’s an Iveco Eurocargo 80E15 with a double cabin that has 7 places: driver + 6 passengers.


The truck is in good condition. Over the next few weeks we’ll have it serviced and furnish the interior of the hold with stowage for trunks, spare parts, and the other tools and equipment we’ll need for service during the rally. We’ll also install full lighting for the interior and exterior workspaces to facilitate working beside the truck at night in the bivouac.

We’ll post more information as the work progresses.

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